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You must be curious about Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency featuring a Shiba Inu dog with shiny tan fur as its mascot. This virtual currency is, indeed, worth discovering because it is highly functional. Dogecoin’s fun and friendly-looking representation wonderfully complements the digital currency that has plenty of use cases. You will feel surprised how this Internet-based currency facilitates the payments revolution. So, read on to learn more!

Fundamentals of the Cryptocurrency

 Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus had the imagination of an enjoyable and light-hearted virtual currency. Hence, this duo created Dogecoin. In December 2013, this cryptocurrency got forked from Litecoin. Palmer and Markus desired their FinTech creation to have more appeal beyond the core supporters of Bitcoin since it was a dog meme-based digital asset.
Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency, and as such, it is exceptionally secure, decentralised, and anonymous. Also, it is a peer-to-peer and open-source virtual currency that has faced rapid expansion in recent years, thanks to its famous logo. Dogecoin’s foundation traces back to the well-received “doge” Internet meme, featuring Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog breed. Today, you can get substantial value by using Dogecoin in plenty of ways.

How You Can Benefit from Using the Virtual Currency

Dogecoin has several usages on websites, your smartphone, and your computer. One of the most famous ones is as a “tip” for Internet users who make and share quality online content. In this scenario, Dogecoin is like a meaningful upvote or “like” that has genuine value and makes it useful all over the World Wide Web. The cryptocurrency has been a popular tipping system on Twitter and Reddit.
Furthermore, you can receive a Dogecoin by taking part in an online community that utilises the virtual currency. This digital asset is also useful when you avail of services and products. Dogecoin allows you to send money online easily. Plus, you can trade this digital currency for other traditional modes of exchange such as the US dollar and other cryptocurrencies.

You must have encountered Dash lately that is why you are checking this page. Also, you may have utilised it as a digital mode of payment. Whatever your purpose is, you will discover more about the ingenious type of exchange here.
For contemporary consumers like you, Dash has received praise for delivering ease of use and fast transactions. Also, plenty of users commend this digital currency for being internationally accepted that many also find it better than using fiat currency or cash.
Moreover, Dash has garnered praises from business owners as it has been accessible to a new generation of clients. The virtual currency charges almost no fees and chargebacks and facilitates instant settlement. With these benefits, you surely must feel that you are ready to discover more about the exciting and rising financial technology. Therefore, read further to learn more about Dash!



History and Features of the Cryptocurrency 

Today, Dash is among the cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalisation. This virtual currency has come a long way since its founder, Evan Duffield, launched it in January 2014. The software developer and businessman behind Dash based his creation on the Bitcoin project.
The digital currency that is the brainchild of Duffield initially developed concentration on fungibility and speed. Dash became a favourable and practical option to real cash. Consumers appreciated using it online and when paying their merchandise in restaurants and shops’ points of sale.
As a cryptocurrency based on a peer-to-peer and decentralised network, you can utilise Dash wherever you are around to world. It is a user-friendly and safe payment method without any obstacles. It also facilitates speedy, easy, and affordable payments 24/7, and it does not have to undergo any central authority. Plus, Dash’s security comes from robust cryptography.
Go ahead. Shop, pay your bills, purchase a cup of latte, and get paid. After all, Dash is here to give you the freedom to transfer or spend your funds any way you want. It will wow you for its capability to move cash to anyone, anywhere, and instantly for less than one cent.

How You Can Benefit from Using Dash in Your Daily Life
Dash is a digital currency that is portable, low-cost, seamless, and divisible. You can benefit from utilising it in your everyday life both online and offline. Moreover, this virtual currency has been the practical choice to credit cards and fiat currencies. It is due to its capability to allow fast and low-fee transactions.

If you are dealing with the global remittances market, Dash serves as a useful solution. This benefit applies particularly to regions where hyperinflation has made the local currency impractical to utilise. Also, Dash is helpful in locations where technical access hindrances are present, impeding the traditional payment systems.



Currencies supported: AUD
Available Cryptocurrencies: 100+ Cryptocurrencies
Fees: 0.6%


You will find it effortless to start utilising this cryptocurrency. The first thing you need to do is to get a wallet. Then, avail of some Dogecoin. After that, you can start using the virtual currency. Also, it pays if you stay updated regarding the developments on this digital currency to get more perks.

Plenty of digital currency exchanges today sell Dogecoin. Therefore, you can buy this cryptocurrency from these online establishments.

If you are interested in mining Dogecoin, you can do so by joining a mining pool or by doing it solo. As a Dogecoin miner, you can extract this virtual currency on Mac, Windows, and Linux, and using a graphics processing unit or GPU. Since 2014, you can mine the virtual currency in the same way as mining Litecoin since the two processes got merged. Dogecoin’s proof of work protocol is dissimilar to that of Bitcoin’s. Dogecoin uses a technology called Scrypt. Plus, the altcoin features a block time of one minute. There is no limit to the total supply. Hence, you will not encounter any restriction on the number of Dogecoins which you can mine.

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