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As an experienced cryptocurrency trader, you must have felt the inconvenience of trading glitches. Also, you must have felt like you have had enough of the sluggish processing of your transactions due to the ineffectiveness of your existing virtual currency exchange.

But you should not fret because Zipmex is the cryptocurrency trading platform that holds the solutions to your dilemmas. This fledgling platform’s founders designed it to deliver the most optimal digital currency trading moments. Do you feel intrigued by Zipmex and its offerings? Read this online discussion further to discover more essential tidbits you should know.

  1. Regulatory Compliance: Zipmex aims to operate within regulatory frameworks and has obtained licenses in some jurisdictions, providing users with a sense of security and compliance.

  2. Fiat Support: Zipmex allows users to trade with fiat currencies, making it convenient for those who want to enter the cryptocurrency market using traditional currencies.

  3. Variety of Cryptocurrencies: Zipmex supports a range of cryptocurrencies, including major ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as other altcoins.

  4. Security Features: The platform implements security measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and cold storage for the secure storage of user funds.

  5. User Interface: Zipmex offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced traders.

  6. Interest-Earning Accounts: Zipmex may offer interest-earning accounts or similar features that allow users to earn rewards on their cryptocurrency holdings.

  1. Limited Geographic Availability: Zipmex’s services may be limited to specific regions, and it may not be available globally. Users should check whether the platform operates in their country.

  2. Limited Educational Resources: Some users have reported that Zipmex could improve its educational resources for users, especially those who are new to cryptocurrency trading.

  3. Limited Payment Options: The availability of payment methods on Zipmex might be more limited compared to exchanges in other regions. It’s essential to check which payment methods are supported based on your location.

  4. Fees: Users may find the trading fees on Zipmex to be relatively higher compared to some other exchanges, especially for certain types of transactions.

  5. Customer Support: Like many exchanges, customer support responsiveness can vary, and some users have reported concerns about delays in receiving support.

  6. Mobile App Limitations: While Zipmex offers a mobile app for trading on the go, some users have reported limitations or occasional issues compared to the web-based platform.

Profile of the Singapore-based Digital Currency Exchange

  • In August 2018, Zipmex opened for business. This cryptocurrency exchange’s legal name is Zipmex Asia Private Limited. The pioneers of this for-profit financial exchange are Akalarp Yimwilai and Marcus Lim. The Zipmex founders established their digital currency exchange in Singapore.
  • Lim and Yimwilai have yearned to give an exceptional cryptocurrency trading experience to interested traders. They aim for more in-depth financial inclusion to be achieved by Southeast Asian people. Also, the Zipmex founders wanted to eliminate the hindrances to accessing wealth-generating and premium-quality financial products. It is in Yimwilai and Lim’s desire to give the Southeast Asian mass-market seamless access to digital asset exchanges.
  • Hence, Zipmex got launched to achieve its founders’ mission. The cryptocurrency exchange is an instrument that curates investment opportunities, like security-supported virtual assets. The latter comprise “blue chip” cryptocurrencies, real estate, and gold. Also, these financial products have the highest potential for wealth-creation.
  • Zipmex provides all of its clients from around the world with access to a liquid market, a vast option for virtual assets, and robust security features. Plus, it offers its customers a suite of state-of-the-art trading advantages, innovation, 24/7 support, and charting tools, among plenty of others. You can expect your assets of up to US$ 100 million to get insured as well. These offerings are for achieving Zipmex’s goal of giving institutional and retail investors with exceptional and secure trading and investment encounters.
  • Zipmex is in support of the ever-expanding international virtual assets sector. It has tapped the advisory talent of leading experts to fulfil its targets. The Stock Exchange of Thailand’s former chairman Dr Sathit Limpongpan and Deputy  Prime Minister of Thailand’s vice minister Dr Chaiya Yimwilai are among its advisory board members.

8 Advantages of Trading Cryptocurrencies at Zipmex

You will never regret your decision of purchasing or selling your virtual currencies at Zipmex because it has so much to offer its clients. If you want fast and high-quality trading results, this platform provides the real deal! The following are the other advantages you can expect:

You will feel impressed with fast trading.

The cryptocurrency platform’s administrators engineered the site to facilitate rapid trades across a wide range of virtual assets. Per second, Zipmex is capable of processing 1.4 million trades.

You can enjoy speedy transactions.

You are not alone when it comes to complaining about slow digital assets trading. Zipmex is well aware of your demands and requirements. Thus, it has guaranteed its clients that fast deposits are within their reach. Plus, you can utilise the following accepted deposit or payment methods at Zipmex: POLi, bank transfer, and cryptocurrency.

You get to benefit from aggregated and significantly higher liquidity.

Zipmex aggregates the trading volume from international markets, including some of the world’s massive digital currency exchanges and over-the-counter or OTC desks.

You relish having your cryptocurrencies completely insured and safe.

Zipmex has partnered with several independent organisations, including a leading international insurer, Thaivivat Insurance. Hence, you can feel assured that you are trading in a secured platform. Also, your virtual assets get fully insured. At Zipmex, these five cryptocurrencies are available for trading: Bitcoin, EOS, Litecoin, Ethereum’s Ether, and Ripple’s XRP.

You can trade using your local currency.

The Singapore-based financial exchange supports fiat currencies used in top trading territories. These four fiat currency trading options include the Australian Dollar, US Dollar, Singapore Dollar, and Indonesian rupiah.

You are dealing with a regulated and licenced cryptocurrency exchange.

As of 2020, the digital currency exchange carries on collaborating with regulators from every nation they operate. They want to make sure that the platform fulfils the requirements of local jurisdictions for cryptocurrency trading.

You will feel wowed with the lowest buying prices and simplified costing structure.

Since the creators of Zipmex designed it for dealing with substantial trade volumes, the platform is capable of delivering the most affordable buy prices for you as their client. Plus, the fee arrangement of Zipmex is quite simple, which consist of nominal deposit or withdrawal fees and 0.2-per cent trading fees.

You can trade while on the go with the Zipmex Mobile Application.

Selling, storing, or purchasing digital assets have never been more comfortable with Zipmex. Thanks to its convenient mobile application, you can build your virtual assets portfolio on the go safely.

These eight benefits surely made you feel impressed. You will definitely enjoy them if you sign up at Zipmex today, so do not hesitate!

5 Easy Steps in Creating a Zipmex Cryptocurrency Trader’s Account

If you have decided to give Zipmex a try, the following are the easy steps you should perform:

Step 1. Go to Then, at the upper right-hand corner of the site, click “SIGN UP.”

Step 2. Supply your e-mail address, chosen password, confirmed password, and the invitation code, if applicable.

Also, click on the box to confirm your agreement with Zipmex’s terms, conditions, and privacy rules. Then, click “Create my account.”

Step 3. In your e-mail inbox, follow the prompts to verify your e-mail address and trader’s account. 

Step 4. To put money into your account, go to “Account,” then choose “Funding.” Then, go to “Deposit,” and select your method of depositing your funds.

Step 5: Begin trading cryptocurrencies after you see that your funds are already in your account.

It is, indeed, easy to set up a Zipmex cryptocurrency account. Remember that there is a 0.2-per cent trading fee and no deposit fees when trading digital currencies.


If you experience any glitches or problems while trading, Coinmama has a contact “Contact Us” page where you can submit our concerns or queries. Also, you can reach out to the customer support team via their e-mail address, which is [email protected]. Coinmama features an online Help Centre as well. This section offers the answers to your frequently asked inquiries. These pieces of information can be about becoming an affiliate, the verification process, and information and assistance for beginner cryptocurrency traders. At the Help Centre, you can also obtain answers to your queries about your account and security, virtual currency trading, and problems with ordering.

Yes, it is not risky to use Coinmama. This registered financial service company is in Slovakia and has been in operations selling cryptocurrencies since 2013. Coinmama utilises several significant security measures. These protective mechanisms make sure that the funds of their clients are safe. These safety measures comprise the clients’ personal and financial information and documents getting encrypted. Plus, Coinmama never stores the credit card information of their customers on the servers or the cryptocurrency exchange.

You can avail of your preferred cryptocurrencies at the virtual currency trading platform by following these five easy steps: a. Create an account. You will have to supply your personal details when registering, such as your name, proof of identification, country of residence, and e-mail address. b. Input your transaction information. You will need to indicate which cryptocurrency you desire to avail of and how much you intend to buy. c. Select your method of payment. You need to choose whether you will settle your transaction using a debit card, credit card, or other accepted modes of payment to pay for your purchased cryptocurrency. d. On the payment form, supply your bank card information. You will have to give your credit or debit card details on the payment form. Then, you should follow the prompts. e. Submit your payment. This last step involves you completing your payment and confirming your digital currency wallet address. Coinmama sends the virtual coins right away after it confirms both of your wallet address and payment.

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