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Are you a longstanding Bitcoin enthusiast? Also, are you searching for the easiest method to sell or purchase your units of the first-ever cryptocurrency? Then, it would be best if you look no further. We highly recommend that you check out Digital Surge.

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We guarantee you that gone are the days when you found it challenging to search for the most trader and consumer-friendly Bitcoin exchange. Digital Surge is the platform where you can trade your units of Bitcoin effortlessly. Plus, you can settle your bills on this virtual currency exchange hassle-free.

These details about Digital Surge must have made you feel intrigued and wanting to find out more. With this brief introduction about the Australian digital currency exchange piquing your interest, carry on reading this online discussion to discover how your life as a Bitcoin fanatic can become so much better!


A) Beginnings of the Brisbane-based Digital Currency Exchange


In 2017, Australian business partners Dan Rutter and Joshua Lehman enthusiastically established Digital Surge, which is a Bitcoin exchange. Their digital currency trading platform is in Brisbane and caters to traders from Down Under.

Being the directors of the digital currency trading platform, Lehman and Rutter believe that cryptocurrency is the finance or money of the future. Hence, they desired to allow all people to be able to access digital currencies as a novel financial technology resource. Also, Rutter and Lehman wanted to make Bitcoin trading and investing accessible for Australian investors coming from all walks of life.

Since then, the two entrepreneurs and their team have zealously shared their insights in community events in their native Australia, making efforts to drive the cryptocurrency industry at the grassroots level. With their deep vision, the Digital Surge administrators also set their three core values for their rising Australian Bitcoin exchange. At Digital Surge, Lehman and Rutter wanted to uphold the following principles:


Digital Surge aims to deliver very optimal customer experiences possible.


Rutter, Lehman, and their organisation have maintained being upfront of what they do and who they are. Also, they are committed to being cryptocurrency exponents with integrity and being honest with their costing.


The administrators of Digital Surge are continually working hard to enhance the manner they operate the Bitcoin exchange. Plus, they look at each scenario they encounter as a chance to learn and improve themselves and their virtual currency trading platform.

With these three core values, Lehman, Rutter, and their team have also concentrated on ease of use and simplicity. They have expressed their pride in leading the industry in giving their in-application instant support to their end-users. Digital Surge’s administrators have primarily constructed their platform to simplify the utilisation of Bitcoin in transactions.


B) 6 Advantages of Using the Digital Surge Platform


Digital Surge is an Australian Bitcoin exchange that allows consumers to purchase, sell, and settle their bills using the most popular and first-ever digital currency. You will find it easy to utilise and understand Bitcoin with Digital Surge, and you can enjoy the following other benefits:

1.You can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Ether in as fast as mere seconds.

If you are a new cryptocurrency trader, you can avail of the two most preferred virtual currencies in as fast as less than five minutes. After all, Lehman and Rutter’s Bitcoin exchange provides quick registration and instant account verification, thanks to Australia Post’s Digital ID platform.

Also, through POLi pay, you can enjoy instant deposits and the choice to utilise bank transfer. Digital Surge features a digitally hosted wallet as well, permitting you to dispatch and receive Bitcoin from your account.

2.You can trade using the Australian Dollar.

Digital Surge permits users to spend the local currency in depositing their money into their account via bank transfer. Also, other accepted deposit methods include POLi Payments, PayID, and BPAY. You can settle your bills with virtual currency using the Pay Wizard of Digital Surge. Then, users can utilise their Australian Dollar-denominated funds to begin trading Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Ether.

3.You can pay your Australian Dollar-denominated bills using Bitcoin.

Australia’s own Bitcoin Exchange permits users to settle any bills with the famous digital asset. You merely need to enter your bill information and send the cryptocurrency as payment. The Bitcoin you will use for bills payment can be the one stored in an external wallet or your Digital Surge wallet.

4.You can benefit from excellent security and supportive customer service.

You do not have to feel anxious about your personal and financial data and whether you should trust Digital Surge or otherwise. After all, the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre or AUSTRAC has it registered.

Plus, the Brisbane-based Bitcoin exchange supports Two-Factor Authentication and holds 98 per cent of the virtual assets offline in cold storage for extra security protection. It is, indeed, straightforward to engage with Digital Surge and the live chat support is always available if you need any assistance. Also, this Bitcoin exchange has an online help centre for your frequently asked inquiries and an e-mail address for more customer support.

5.You can enjoy easy cryptocurrency trading.

Digital Surge allows you to set your Sell or Buy price and trade directly with other verified Australian traders and even preset your Bitcoin trading objects. You merely need to enter your desired returns.

6.You can feel assured with the transparent cost arrangement.

Digital Surge has transparency as among its core values. Hence, you can trust its upfront fee structure and do not have to worry about getting duped.

With these six perks, you surely will not think twice in your decision to join the Bitcoin exchange.


Digital Surge

Free quently asked questions

1On Digital Surge, can I avail of cryptocurrency using my credit card?

No. Digital Surge does not support virtual currency purchases with a credit card.

2Which cryptocurrencies can I sell or purchase at Digital Surge?

You can purchase or sell Ethereum, Bitcoin & most other popular coins/alt coins on the Brisbane-based digital currency trading platform.

3How much money should I spend in using Digital Surge's services?

With Bitcoin and Ether withdrawals, you can anticipate paying network charges. Also, with POLi Payments deposits, you need to prepare settling fees amounting from $2 to $3.30. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry about paying any fees for Australian Dollar-denominated withdrawals and when you deposit funds into your account through bank transfer.